Friday, September 23, 2016




"BLUE" JIMMY:  In the past few decades, we had started to dispel the notion that college and professional athletes are nothing more than big, dumb muscleheads whose I.Q.s rarely surpass  their age.  But that image had changed in recent years, with the advent of higher academic standards, harsh penalties for classroom cheating and the appearance in the media of  college and pro athletes who are well-informed and articulate, often giving interviews that were worthy of "Meet The Press."

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Then somebody had to f**k it all up!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  In August of 2016, San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem and the U.S. flag before an NFL football game, citing issues with "a country that oppresses black people and people of color."


"BLUE" JIMMY:  This half-assed protest has sparked a dumbass domino effect among pro, college and even high school athletes who think they are making a statement about events of late, which show that there is much discrimination by corrupt government officials and brutal police departments against ethnic minorities and ANYONE who doesn't "look right."

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Athletic talent and brains don't always go hand in hand!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  What is wrong with this form of protest?  First, The National Anthem and the stars and stripes red, white and blue flag is not a symbol of the President, the U.S Government or any police department -- it is a symbol of every American and the values and ideals which they take to heart: peace; freedom; justice; equality and the pursuit of happiness.   Why would any citizen want to protest The United States Of America?  The country that:  freed itself from oppressive British rule; abolished slavery; gave negroes and women the right to vote; enacted civil rights laws and harsh penalties for those who violate them; gives billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries around the world; allows tens of thousands of refugees to seek asylum in our country ( about 85,000 this year alone) and has produced brave civil rights activists, movers and shakers and heroes that include:  Thomas Paine; Susan B. Anthony; Harriet Tubman; Jane Addams; Booker T. Washington; W.E.B. Du Bois; Gordon Hirabayashi; Martin Luther King; Cesar Chavez; Harvey Milk; Gloria Steinem; Muhammad Ali; James Brown; Edward Snowden and others too numerous to name.  What the are you protesting ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  ... You bonehead, Neanderthal, dumbf**k jocks ?!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  No one hates political corruption, injustice and police brutality more than me.  I have been there on the streets and have experienced it firsthand.  But I say to athletes everywhere, why not use your popularity, influence and obscene wealth to: create grants and scholarships, legal defense funds; afterschool programs; educational workshops; lectures; seminars and public speaking engagements designed to get to the root of the problem of violence and injustice?  No, instead you do what all ignorant people do when they don't have the brains or the guts to do the right thing ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  ... You sit on your ass!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!


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