Friday, May 1, 2015




"BLUE" JIMMY:  Alright, what's been in the news lately?

BLIND DOG OZZY:  A b**ch  of an earthquake hit Nepal, President Obama is trying to improve relations with Cuba, ISIS is still committing a s**tload of mayhem, a Bush and a Clinton are planning to run for President, another police shooting of a civilian and another pro athlete gets busted.

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Oh, man!  I could read that news anywhere.  I'm talking about the lowdown stuff you ain't gonna see and hear on CNN or USA Today -- The censored and forbidden stuff.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  DUN DUN DUN!  Tell 'em all about it Jimmy!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  There's different theories as to why certain news is censored and forbidden.  Some people say it's because media outlets are afraid to offend their mildly educated readers.  Others say they are afraid that sponsors will pull their advertising, which makes good economic but not good journalistic sense or that government officials put pressure on them not to report certain stories.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  It's probably all of that s**t!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  To mention all the stories that are not being covered by the mainstream media would take a whole book so, we're just going to throw a handful of topics out there to get people thinking.  There's an incredible amount of information out there in books from small, independent publishers, underground publications, radio and of course, The Vast Internet if you know how to navigate it properly.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Yeah, so put that video game down and do some research!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Forbidden Story #1:  We keep hearing about all these police shootings of unarmed civilians so the Feds must be keeping track of all these deaths, right?  Wrong.  Even though the FBI keeps track of every police officer killed in the line of duty, it keeps no statistics of police shootings of civilians and local police departments are not even required to supply those records to them.  Fortunately, some civilian organizations are keeping computer databases of these shootings and are encouraging information from anyone who has it.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Forbidden Story #2:  Hundreds of women and girls in the city of Juarez, Mexico are being murdered and mutilated and no one seems to be doing anything about it.  The women and girls are not mostly prostitutes or border jumpers as they had previously been characterized, but rather, young females on their way home from factory jobs who are found raped, murdered and missing body parts like someone was killing them for sport.  Law enforcement in the U.S. says it's not their problem (even though Juarez is on the Texas/Mexico border) and Mexican law enforcement is too incompetent to do anything about it.  Some journalists and activists claim to know the identities of the leaders of this thrill kill cult but still, no one is arrested and the killings continue -- goddamn!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Forbidden story #3:  We often hear that in unstable countries, people who speak out against the government get put on some kind of government s**t list and are harassed mercilessly.  Well, it happens here too.  People are reporting that members of American protest or activist organizations such as the Occupy movement are being put under FBI or NSA surveillance, followed and harassed with the justification that they are a potential "terrorist" threat.  But according to the mainstream media, this only happens in other countries.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Forbidden Story #4:  Overwhelming evidence has been compiled showing that GMOs (genetically modified foods), aspartame (NutraSweet), fluoride and most vaccines are extremely bad for you.  Most agencies who say these substances are safe have some sort of financial or political stake in them (such as the FDA and the WHO) while the independent researchers who have found these things toxic stand to gain nothing.  Yet, their findings consistently go unpublished by the mainstream media.

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Forbidden Story #5:  Many reliable sources are accusing the U.S. military of engaging in the indiscriminate use of "chaptering out" whereby, wounded soldiers are brought up on weak or false violations and then they are dishonorably discharged and stripped of all their government benefits including health care.  The military then has room to bring in young, healthy recruits who can go into combat and face the same thing if they are unfortunate enough to get wounded.  The military, of course, denies that this takes place but many insiders say that this happens all the time to good men who risked their lives for their country -- and no one's reporting it.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Forbidden Story #6:  The top recipients of U.S. foreign aid all practice torture and human rights abuses on a regular basis according to Amnesty International and other human rights organizations.  Most U.S. foreign aid goes to African and Middle Eastern countries with the top prize going to Israel which receives more than three billion dollars a year.  It's a well known fact that Israel invented the torture techniques which other countries put into use -- Thanks, Israel.  By the way, you won't hear this in the news.

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Forbidden Story #7:  The war in Iraq has left Iraqi citizens with an extremely high birth defect and miscarriage rate due to the American military's use of toxic chemicals like lead, mercury and depleted uranium.  Of course, the military denies any connection but then hey, they also said Agent Orange was harmless.  The birth defects in children are so horrifying, no American media outlet will show the photos -- but it still happens.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Forbidden Story #8:  The Federal Reserve Bank, which controls most of the money in this country, is not a government agency.  Conspiracy theorists have blamed the Federal Reserve for everything from World Wars to the Great Depression to the assassination of JFK (who took steps to diminish the power of the Federal Reserve) to the financial meltdown of 2008.  The fact is, the Federal Reserve is a government-sanctioned, privately-owned cartel which apparently produces money out of thin air and has a monopoly on credit and currency which has produced a debt that the United States government can never repay.  I never learned this in school -- did you?  

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Forbidden Story #9:  The educational system in the United States is designed to produce worker drones and not intellectuals.  John D. Rockefeller Sr. was often quoted as saying, "I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers."  His Rockefeller Foundation, along with the "charitable" works of many other big-money families, have directed the course of education at all levels in this country for countless decades.  Critical thinking is discouraged and instead, students are encouraged to learn skills which will set them up for a lifetime of wage slavery.  Every article I've ever read about the U.S. educational system deals with behavior (e.g. sex scandals) and security issues -- never what kids actually learn in the classroom.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Forbidden Story #10:  What's with the underground cities?  No longer in the realm of zany conspiracy theories, it is a proven fact that the United States has been building massive underground installations since the 1940's.  These underground bases are said to be built by nuclear tunneling equipment which can bore through solid rock at a rate of miles-per-day and are located under every major American city.  Some contain many different levels, are interconnected by high speed trains, contain medical facilities, shopping malls and every major convenience and are described as being large enough to house countless thousands of people.  What are they for?

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Here's where we stumble back into the area of conspiracy theory.  Some say the bases are just military bases indicative of how the U.S. military utilizes overkill in everything they do.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Some say they're in preparation for some massive civil unrest where government officials and prim and proper folks will have to take refuge underground -- Zombie Attack!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Here's a good one!  Some say it's in preparation for the return of the planet Nibiru, a celestial body which rotates near the Earth every 3,000 years or so and its approach is supposed to trigger cataclysmic events which will make the surface of the Earth inhospitable and will force what is left of the world's population to take refuge underground.


"BLUE" JIMMY:  Whatever these installations are for, they are real and you won't hear about them or any of these other stories unless you forget about the mainstream media and read and do research and frequent bookstores and websites that feature um, exotic content.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Like old issues of Gent Magazine!     

"BLUE" JIMMY:  That's all the time we have!

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Vintage Porn!

"BLUE" JIMMY: Stay vigilant and remember the words of brother Marvin Gaye when he said, "What's Goin' On?"      

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Baboom, Baboom!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!