Saturday, July 20, 2013




"BLUE" JIMMY:  Everybody is weighing in on the recent George Zimmerman trial/not guilty verdict and the streets are ablaze with young protestors venting their anger in all the wrong ways.  I too, find it difficult if not impossible, to believe that a loser, wannabe cop who liked to play with guns could stalk and pick a fight with an unarmed teenage boy, get b**ch slapped and then shoot him dead and not suffer any legal penalty.

BD OZZY:  Wha..?  I wish I could see any authority figure, no matter how trivial, get busted just once for crossing the line -- it almost never happens.

"BLUE" JIMMY:  But I want to take a different look at this travesty of justice.  Who are these people who have police scanners in their homes, carry guns and call 911 because your kids are playing Frisbee in the street?  They attend neighborhood watch meetings and if they are given a t-shirt or a baseball cap indicating their involvement, they wear it like a badge issued by the federal govenment then show up on your porch with a gun to tell you your carport is not up to municipal code.

BD OZZY:   There's real s**t out there.  Besides all the usual stuff, there's organized crime from war-torn countries, moving here, strutting down American streets trying to intimidate American citizens and engaging in fraud, larceny, arson, drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling, arms and human trafficking.  According to the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, close to one million children are reported missing every year.  Then there's the victims of natural disasters who lose their homes and and all necessities and would appreciate a strong hand offering a blanket, a can of soup or bottle of water in an emergency.  Where's the George Zimmermans of the world then?  Where's the heroes  -- the tough guys?

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Amen, brother!  It ain't like the comic books, where you tie a blanket around your neck and wear your drawers on the outside and think you can be badass.  All these young men in America need to get away from the video games in their grandma's basement and learn how to contribute something in their community -- and you don't need a gun to do it. We started a free child and adult fitness program in our neighborhood with no money, no resources and no help because we cared -- "Ain't that tough enough?" (From the song,"Tough Enough" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds).  But what I really don't want to see is Zimmerman being rewarded by our celebrity-ruled society where anyone can succeed in life just by being a d**kThings I better not see Zimmerman do in the coming months:
  •  Publish a best-selling autobiography where he portrays himself as a misunderstood anti-crime crusader (with a title like "Shot in the Dark").
  •  Star in a reality TV series kicking in doors in inner-city neighborhoods conducting staged raids on drug dealers.
  • Promote a fragrance with a name like "Locked &  Loaded".
  • Appear on Letterman, coming onstage and pointing his fingers at the audience in mock six-gun fashion and going "Pow !  Pow!"   (Sample conversation -- Letterman:  "Hey, George!  Shoot anybody lately?"  Zimmerman:  "C'mon Dave, I'd rather talk about my new book and speaking tour."
BD OZZY:  I swear, if he does any of those things, I'll push him in front of a bus!
"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!
BD OZZY:  Wow!  Wow!