Saturday, May 19, 2018




"BLUE" JIMMY:  The Royal Wedding between Prince Henry Of Wales (Prince Harry) and Meghan Markle is on and will take place this Sunday May 19, 2018.  Royal Wedding hysteria is already taking place and USA Today has reported that an estimated 3 billion people will watch the ceremony, making it the most watched event in history.  More than the Apollo 11 moon landing ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  ... Or that big black lady who fell off the coffee table on YouTube!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  You could say that roughly half of Planet Earth will be watching.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Yeah, but don't think this is a Cinderella love story where a royal prince falls in love with a girl from the wrong side of town and they make it work through the sheer magic of love!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Indeed, Meghan Markle may be a mixed-race former actress from Hollywood but she does have royal blood ... Rev. William Skipper, King Edward I Of Scotland and King Edward III Of England among them.  A cursory look through ancestry websites will tell you that Prince Harry and MM are actually distant cousins.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Oooo!  Taboo!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  But conspiracy writers such as David Icke and the late Jim Marrs will tell you that this is common among royal families and that they will almost never marry outside of royal bloodlines and are obsessed and keep meticulous records of them.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  But that's another blog!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  The focus of this article is on the fact that after the last glasses of champagne are emptied and the guests go home after a night of emperor-like luxury at The Royal Wedding, life goes on for the rest of us and non-royal folks like you and I will have to deal with stories, issues and events such as these in the coming year(s) in no particular order of importance:

  • The President Of The United States Of America is still under investigation for possible obstruction of justice and maybe even an ongoing criminal conspiracy.  Despite Donald Trump's cavalier attitude toward the investigation and descriptions of it as a "witch hunt," he still faces very serious legal charges which are not just going to go away.
  • Countries which have the United States on their s**t list either have or are trying to build nuclear weapons.  Some of these countries include: China; North Korea; Iran; Saudi Arabia and Russia ... which the U.S. is not exactly taking long, hot, romantic showers with in recent years.  If you're as old as me, you remember those drills in school where you you had to practice hiding under the desk in case of nuclear attack ... yeah, we might need those skills again soon.
  • Unarmed people of color are regularly being shot by police departments nationwide either through sheer prejudice or ignorance of the situation at hand.  There has been public outcry, demonstrations, marches and speeches by civil rights activists but almost zero convictions of officers involved, changes to department policy or legislation.  Ooops!  Sorry about your loved one.
  • Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sell your personal data to other companies for God-knows-what.  They can spin it, re-label it and describe it any way they want as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg did in the past year to Congress.  The truth is, when you post your personal information, habits, location on a social media website ... someone is getting it and storing it.  "1984" is here!
  • Millions of refugees of the civil war in Syria are scrambling to find food, shelter and the basic necessities of life but the Trump Administration characterizes these men, women and children as "foreigners looking for a handout."  Yet when American citizens in foreign countries are held hostage, in legal trouble or are in dire straits due to any number of circumstances,  the American Government demands swift resolution ... karma is a bitch!
  • The Posse Comitatus Act is gradually being eroded to the point where American citizens are not even aware that their Constitutional rights are being violated.  The act, which was passed in 1878, states that federal military personnel are not to carry out police actions within the United States.  The act was passed due to the fact that Union troops were basically f**king with a lot of people in the South in post-Civil War years.  If U.S. military personnel stop you at a checkpoint, question you, search you or your vehicle, detain you, they are violating your Constitutional rights.  They will sometimes try to get around the act by saying they are participating in a "joint effort" with local police.  If the President Of The United States Of America has not declared martial law, they are in violation.
  • The U.S. criminal justice system uses computer software such as COMPAS (Correctional Offender Management Profiling For Alternative Sanctions), to produce risk assessments for defendants in criminal cases.  It's basically like a computer-generated credit score for people charged with crimes and determines whether they are likely to commit crimes in the future.  Some states even allow judges to impose sentences based on these scores.  Investigative Journalism organizations such as ProPublica have pointed out that these risk assessments could be racially biased.  Readers of Philip K. Dick will note that this is the basis for the plot in his short story, "The Minority Report" which was made into the film "Minority Report" starring Tom Cruise, in 2002.  In this science fiction thriller, people are arrested for crimes they may commit in the future.  Have we come to this? ... Goddamn!
  • All your s**t could be gone!  Unless you are a borderline-psychotic, paranoid, conspiracy theorist like me, you probably don't back up all your info on paper.  But my research shows that various troubled governments around the world have effectively shut down The Internet, especially in times of turmoil, which has inevitably resulted in civil and human rights violations.  This has mostly been done in Third World countries in Africa and South America but it is not impossible to do in developed, industrial countries by manipulating Internet access speeds, rendering the Internet unusable and by merely blocking access to public computers in libraries, schools and universities.  Think it can't happen here?  If it does, you won't be able to bitch about it on your homepage, sparky!
  • Human trafficking is a real and timely threat which is vastly underreported in the mainstream media due to its unpleasant nature and the fact that the people most qualified to speak against it are bound and gagged in a stuffy basement as I write this.  This is not a poor people's problem.  Victims can be from any country, background or social status.  They can be men, women and especially children who are used for labor, sexual pleasure, organ removal and sacrifice ... I told you it was unpleasant.
  • Global Warming.  The best minds and experts in science, politics and the media say that global warming is a natural phenomenon and that there is nothing to worry about.  Also, other best minds and experts in science, politics and the media say that global warming is a human-made catastrophic threat to future generations ... f**k!
BLIND DOG OZZY:  Enjoy the Royal Wedding!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!


Tuesday, December 19, 2017




"BLUE" JIMMY:  As terrorist groups have become a dominant subject in domestic and world politics in at least the last few decades, it has come to light that White Supremacist groups are still active and among them.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Shameful!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  While most folks in this country seem to frown upon these groups and many have protested their activities in a spirited manner, few have gone through the trouble of actually researching the origins of White Supremacy and finding out exactly what these groups believe. 

BLIND DOG OZZY:  That's where we come in!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  While most people assume White Supremacy in this country began with slavery and its attendant attitudes in Early America, it does have deeper origins.  Scientific Racism,  as a movement, has been around since at least the 1600's in the Western World.  This movement attempted to find a scientific basis for racist beliefs and postulated that there were distinct superior races and inferior races.  While this theory started to fall out of favor by the start of the 20th century and is considered somewhat of a pseudoscience today, it is still used by White Supremacist groups today to justify their beliefs.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Out of the loop!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Now we can move on to Early America.  It is a well known fact that many founding fathers (e.g. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson) were Black slave owners.  Despite the democratic fervor of the time, slavery was still acceptable due to historical and biblical references to slavery.  And honest Abe Lincoln, the President who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, was not exactly Malcolm X or Martin Luther King.  While he believed that slavery was morally wrong, he did not believe that Blacks and other Colored races were inherently equal with Whites. This has fueled the fire for many racist beliefs for generations.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose" ( The more it changes, the more it stays the same" Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

"BLUE" JIMMY:  One group that may have sparked White Supremacist racism in America, was the Knights Of The Golden Circle which was a secret society and a precursor to the Klu Klux Klan and whose original intent was to annex parts of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean in an attempt to beef up the power of the slave-holding elite.  
Out of the Knights Of The Golden Circle came the Klu Klux Klan which historical writings tell us, was formed primarily as a social club made up of ex-Confederate soldiers who wanted to vent their frustrations due to the outcome of the Civil War.  This "socializing" soon turned to strange rituals, midnight rides in scary hooded costumes meant to intimidate superstitious rural Black folks and ultimately terrible burnings and lynchings which made original Klan Grand Wizard and former Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest, disband the KKK  in disgust.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  What kind of s**t did I get into?

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Less known but still active at the time, were White Supremacist groups such as the White League and the Red Shirts.  Unlike the Klan, these were not-so-secret societies who made their identities known in their communities and relished newspaper coverage of their dirty deeds directed at the Reconstruction Government, freed slaves and their sympathizers.  The KKK laid dormant for many years until it was revived in the early 1900's.  This time the Klan was focusing their enmity not just on Blacks but also on Jews and Catholic immigrants who were in great number at that time.  This incarnation of the Klan is the one which employed cross burnings and large public gatherings in full costume, in an attempt to intimidate its perceived enemies.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Note to Klan:  If you wanna scare someone, take your pajamas off first!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  This second version of the Klan seemed to die out at the beginning of the Great Depression, possibly because the leisure activities of wealthy, White, racist folks were limited by the poor economy. The Klan again revived at the end of World War II and this time, fueled by the progress of the Civil Rights Movement, they had a pronounced Nazi, Aryan, Nordic bent.  This is where we plunge into the bizarre and occult-obsessed world of the Nazis in the Third Reich.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  "Nazis, I hate these guys!" 

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Contrary to popular belief, adherents of Nazism and members of the Nazi Party in WWII Germany did not pull their beliefs out of their asses.  Their beliefs, doctrines, rites, rituals and symbology were carefully extracted from esoteric and occult writings which were popular with the German and European intelligentsia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Among these were the writings of Edward Bulwer - Lytton (1803 - 1873), a prolific and very popular writer of his time who coined the phrase, "The pen is mightier than the sword." 
His writings were said to have influenced Bram Stoker, the author of "Dracula" (1897) and later inspired writers of horror, science fiction and the occult.  Of his many writings, the one most taken to heart by early Master Race proponents was, "Vril:  The Power Of The Coming Race" (1871), which tells the story of a subterranean race of beings superior in intelligence to humans, who escaped The Great Flood by fleeing underground.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Where else?

"BLUE" JIMMY:  They make use of an etheric force called vril which like the the Chinese chi, the Indian prana and Wilhelm Reich's orgone, was said  to pervade all things and gave them the power to both destroy and heal and would one day allow them to return to the surface of the Earth and dominate the planet once again.  Bulwer - Lyttons's writings were further echoed in the writings of  Helena Petrovna Blavatski  (1831 - 1891),  a Russian-born occultist and spirit medium.
  Her writings such as "Isis Unveiled" (1877) and "The Secret Doctrine" (1888) were well received by a public who had only recently had their spiritual beliefs dashed by the publication of Charles Darwin's "The Origin Of Species" (1859) and "The Descent Of Man" (1871).  While Darwin argued that the existence of humans could be explained in cold, clinical, scientific terms, Blavatsky's writings offered an alternative history of humankind which allowed learned people of her day to retain deep spiritual beliefs while simultaneously, accepting the current discoveries of science which were plentiful at the time.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  What are we, if not men of SCIENCE?!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  In her writings, Blavatsky claimed that she encountered beings she referred to as The Great White Brotherhood.  These "Ascended Masters" as they are alternately known is some occult circles, are said to impart advanced wisdom to select, special people on Earth who in turn, give that wisdom to lowly humans ... sometimes at a cost.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  That was one of the reasons why Blavatsky was considered a fraud by skeptics in her day ... she charged!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  But again we see the concept of a (figuratively) White Master Race in her writings which to be fair, probably referred to purity and not a race of humans with white skin.  Then along comes Houston Stewart Chamberlain who in 1899 wrote Die Grundlagen Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts ("The Foundations Of The Nineteenth Century") which in a pseudo-scientific manner, ascribed all of the great achievements in civilized history up until the 19th century as the work of the Aryan race.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Here comes the history lesson!

 "BLUE" JIMMY:  Originally, the term Aryan referred to speakers of Indo-European languages who were thought to form a branch of the Caucasian race.  By the late 19th, early 20th centuries, the term Aryan mutated to include the ancient Greeks, Romans, Celts, Germanic peoples and anyone else who had contributed greatly to Western Civilization.  Besides various academics at the Turn Of The Century who were indulging in "creative anthropology," there were the mystics such as Madam Blavatsky who maintained that the Aryan race originated in the mythical continent of Atlantis or some other antediluvian civilization.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  On the fringe!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  All this speculation was enticing to the eyes and ears of the citizens of post WW I Weimar Germany who were precursors to the American Beat Generation and the turned-on, Hippie Generation.  During this decadent era which lasted roughly, between 1919 - 1933, many German citizens were into spiritism, astrology, numerology, palm reading, vegetarianism, nudism, Yoga, meditation and many practices which would be familiar to anyone living in late 50's, 1960's America.


"BLUE" JIMMY:  Through a Romantic haze of  extreme liberated sexuality, (you don't want to know) and drugs which could seriously f**k up your good judgement, (ether, chloroform, cocaine, opium, morphine, heroin) the idea of  a pure, white, fairy tale race of humans made for good, stimulating conversations in the parlors and cabarets of Weimar Germany.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Tre's chic!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  But the burgeoning National Socialist movement (Nazis) in pre WWII Germany needed a mythos, a raison d' etre for their increasingly nationalistic and xenophobic frame of mind.  Amid severe economic crisis which was largely blamed on foreigners, the poor, the uneducated, the handicapped, homosexuals and various "mongrel races" who were not of pure "Nordic stock," the Nazi Party embraced the idea of a pure, proud, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white-skinned German people who would make the country "great again."

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Why does that sound familiar?

"BLUE" JIMMY:  We all know what happened next, no need to bother you with nasty details.  The Allies eventually defeated Germany in World War II but as history will show, they did not defeat the Nazis.  Nazi war criminals of various stripe escaped to South America and the United States and if conspiracy theories are to be believed, with the help of the U.S. Government.  As I have written in previous articles, you may defeat a country in war but you cannot kill a philosophy.  Thus, to this day in the United States and Western World,  we have remnants of White Supremacy movements which refuse to die.  


"BLUE" JIMMY:  While writing this article, I came across a film released in the U.S. entitled, "Imperium" (2016) which stars Daniel Radcliffe of "Harry Potter" fame.  The title refers to a book written in 1948 by Francis Parker Yockey called "Imperium:  The Philosophy Of History And Politics" which with many other tomes, is used as a guidebook by many White Supremacists.
The film deals with an FBI agent who infiltrates White Supremacist groups to try to thwart a suspected terrorist attack in the United States. 

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Keep in mind that a significant amount of terrorist acts in the United States have been carried out by American White Supremacists and not foreigners.

 "BLUE" JIMMY:  The film shows how there is much dissent between White Supremacist groups although they still have much in common.  There are various offshoots of the KKK who stick staunchly to that Southern Confederate tradition, racist Skinheads who engage in street fights and have a whole music scene behind them to promote their racist ideology, hardcore Nazi holdouts who still display the swastika and greet each other with the Nazi salute and the words, "sieg heil" and pure academic racists who neither march or protest or brawl but churn out racist propaganda like "The Turner Diaries." 

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Dun, Dun, Dun!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  "The Turner Diaries" was a 1978 novel written by a certain Andrew Macdonald (nom de plume) whose real name was William Luther Pierce. 
The novel goes into great detail about how racist White folks take over The World by first overthrowing the United States Government which then leads to a race/nuclear war that allows them to create a pure, White planet that lives happily ever after.


"BLUE" JIMMY:  Amazingly, Pierce was not some computer/Internet geek living in his nana's basement but a full-blown professor of physics whose writings were taken very seriously by the National Alliance which he founded as well as legions of  contemporary White Supremacists who use mythology, The Bible, revisionist history, fanciful anthropology/archaeology, pseudoscience and barnyard genetics to advance their causes.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  "The more you explain it, the more I don't understand it." - Mark Twain

"BLUE" JIMMY:  In the United States,  the abolition of slavery, the tireless efforts of civil rights workers, the enactment of  civil rights laws and more than anything, naturally changed attitudes toward race and human relations have made White Supremacist theories seem antiquated. Yet, there are holdouts and there are those who try to advance the theory of White Genocide.
Proponents of this theory believe that there is a conspiracy to eliminate the White Race through mass immigration, race mixing, homosexuality, birth control and abortion. This is interesting to note in a psychological sense because it appears that White Supremacists have gone from a "We will conquer and rule the world" stance to a "Poor me" frame of mind in the span of just several decades.  I will leave that to the experts ... I'm just some f**king guy!  The lowdown is, hate groups still exist and the world seems all the worse for it.  What can be done? ...  Well, let's see ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  "Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet." - Maya Angelou

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!


Friday, December 2, 2016




"BLUE" JIMMY:  Back in the month of May, when there was still a handful of presidential hopefuls left in the 2016 Presidential Election, I made a bold prediction and said that while I would not vote for her, Hillary Clinton would take the Presidency based on her political and family connections and the importance of her being the first woman President Of The United States Of America ... I was wrong!  


"BLUE" JIMMY:  I based this prediction on the fact that while having a wealthy father and grandfather, Donald Trump does not come from generations of wealth, power and royalty like the Rothschild, Windsor, Rockefeller, Getty, Kennedy, Bush AND Clinton families.  Yes, despite the fact that Bill Clinton was considered by many to be somewhat of a philandering redneck, he was actually very educated and came from a long line of royalty and Big Money.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  "It ain't immoral if it's only oral."  ( B. Clinton).

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Apparently, Donald Trump was more entrenched in the American political system than I ever imagined and the result is ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  ... Your children and your children's children will now have to learn about this media clown in American History class!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  But we coulda done worse!  History is full of psychotic leaders who ended up in office due to opportune circumstances and were not exactly um, ...  public favorites.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  The following is a reckless and random list of historical leaders who were not the full picnic, as British people say: 

  • Empress Wu Zetian, empress of China from 690 to 705 AD.  She had thousands of people who gained her disfavor burned, boiled, strangled, poisoned, or mutilated on a daily basis, including members of her own family.  You could say like many modern politicians, she didn't like "opposition."
  • Caligula.  He was Rome's third emperor from 37 to 41 AD.  He was mentally ill and thought himself a god which caused him to commit countless acts of sexual depravity even with members of his own family, kill hundreds of thousands of animals and people just for his own sadistic enjoyment and ordered people to watch the strangulation and decapitation of their own children.  Amazingly, he was finally assassinated in 41 AD not for the horrible atrocities he committed against his people but for political reasons ... ah, politics!
  • Godfrey Of Bouillon.  He was a Frankish knight who was one of the leaders of the First Crusade.  Believing that the Jews were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus and that Muslims were practicing a heathen religion, he arrived in Jerusalem in 1099 AD and slaughtered any of both faiths who occupied the city in the hundreds of thousands  -- men, women and children!  Donald Trump would have probably made him Secretary Of Defense.
  • Vlad Tepes.  The man who was the inspiration for the Count Dracula myth, was Prince Of Wallachia in the 1400's who in his battles against the Ottomans, was known to make his enemies "get the point."  He executed tens of thousands of people by facial and rectal impalement (you don't want to know) but was also amused by skinning, boiling, strangling, stabbing, roasting and burying alive.  He often dined and drank among the bodies of his victims.  He was also not a fan of the poor and sick.  He once invited the poor and sick of the town of Targoviste to a banquet during which he had the hall sealed and burned to the ground with all the occupants inside.  Donald Trump would have admired his social reform methods.
  • Tamerlane The Great.  He was the founder of the Timurid Empire who conquered and terrorized Western, Central and South Asia in the fourteenth century.  He had literally, MILLIONS of people burned, beheaded, stabbed and suffocated.  One of  his favorite methods of execution was to force people to jump to their deaths from great heights.  He had massive towers built from the skulls of the dead just for him to get a hard-on to  ... nice!
  • King John Of England.  To cut through all the myth and legend from the Tales Of Robin Hood,  from 1099 to 1216, he basically stole from his countrymen, stole from The Church and raped, tortured or executed anyone who had the nerve to criticize his harsh measures, such as raising taxes by 300%, forcing  most of the country into poverty ... sound like any politicians you know?
  • Pol Pot.  He was a Cambodian dictator who led the communist Khmer Rouge and from 1975 to 1979 was largely responsible for the Cambodian Genocide in which roughly, 25% of the Cambodian people were killed due to forced relocation from urban to rural areas in which they suffered disease, starvation, execution and death due to forced labor.  Kind of disturbing when Donald Trump says he wants to "put people to work" building a wall!
  •    Attila The Hun.  Ruler of the Huns who short of actually sacking Rome and Constantinople were nevertheless, responsible for f**king up a good part of the Roman Empire from 434 to 453 A.D.  Attila, who was known as "The Scourge Of God " didn't just conquer lands and cities, he and his army reduced them to piles of smoldering ash and broken stones with their populations raped, robbed, tortured and mutilated (oh, and killed, of course).  In myth, it is said that "grass never grew again where his horse had trod."  You might say he had um, "anger issues."
  • Genghis Khan.  Ruler of the Mongolian Empire from 1206 to 1227 in which he conquered most of China and terrorized the Persian Plateau.  Modern estimates conclude that the Mongols exterminated about 5% of the world's population or more than 37 million men, women and children.  Let's put it this way, The Armenian Genocide, Cambodian Genocide and Jewish Holocaust combined, did not kill as many people as Genghis Khan!  I guess you could say he was not a "people person."
  • Adolph Hitler.  Many people don't know that in addition to all the ethnic Jews that Hitler was responsible for killing in his hellish concentration camps, there were also multitudes of  Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Serbians, Gypsies, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Spanish Republicans, communists, trade unionists, anarchists, Freemasons, homosexuals and disabled people who were considered unworthy and died from execution, bizarre pseudo-medical experimentation or just the sheer, harsh conditions of the camps.  The most horrifying thing about Hitler though, was not just the camps but that he convinced most of the population of Germany that he was RIGHT!  Expertly using the media which at the time, included:  books; pamphlets; film; the new technology of radio and also bombastic rallies with Heavy Metal-style light shows, he fired up and mesmerized the German public and was incredibly popular.  He also promised to rid the country of foreigners and other undesirables, create jobs, stimulate the economy and make the country "great again."  Why does that sound familiar?
BLIND DOG OZZY:  History repeats itself!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!


Friday, September 23, 2016




"BLUE" JIMMY:  In the past few decades, we had started to dispel the notion that college and professional athletes are nothing more than big, dumb muscleheads whose I.Q.s rarely surpass  their age.  But that image had changed in recent years, with the advent of higher academic standards, harsh penalties for classroom cheating and the appearance in the media of  college and pro athletes who are well-informed and articulate, often giving interviews that were worthy of "Meet The Press."

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Then somebody had to f**k it all up!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  In August of 2016, San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem and the U.S. flag before an NFL football game, citing issues with "a country that oppresses black people and people of color."


"BLUE" JIMMY:  This half-assed protest has sparked a dumbass domino effect among pro, college and even high school athletes who think they are making a statement about events of late, which show that there is much discrimination by corrupt government officials and brutal police departments against ethnic minorities and ANYONE who doesn't "look right."

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Athletic talent and brains don't always go hand in hand!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  What is wrong with this form of protest?  First, The National Anthem and the stars and stripes red, white and blue flag is not a symbol of the President, the U.S Government or any police department -- it is a symbol of every American and the values and ideals which they take to heart: peace; freedom; justice; equality and the pursuit of happiness.   Why would any citizen want to protest The United States Of America?  The country that:  freed itself from oppressive British rule; abolished slavery; gave negroes and women the right to vote; enacted civil rights laws and harsh penalties for those who violate them; gives billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries around the world; allows tens of thousands of refugees to seek asylum in our country ( about 85,000 this year alone) and has produced brave civil rights activists, movers and shakers and heroes that include:  Thomas Paine; Susan B. Anthony; Harriet Tubman; Jane Addams; Booker T. Washington; W.E.B. Du Bois; Gordon Hirabayashi; Martin Luther King; Cesar Chavez; Harvey Milk; Gloria Steinem; Muhammad Ali; James Brown; Edward Snowden and others too numerous to name.  What the are you protesting ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  ... You bonehead, Neanderthal, dumbf**k jocks ?!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  No one hates political corruption, injustice and police brutality more than me.  I have been there on the streets and have experienced it firsthand.  But I say to athletes everywhere, why not use your popularity, influence and obscene wealth to: create grants and scholarships, legal defense funds; afterschool programs; educational workshops; lectures; seminars and public speaking engagements designed to get to the root of the problem of violence and injustice?  No, instead you do what all ignorant people do when they don't have the brains or the guts to do the right thing ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  ... You sit on your ass!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016




"BLUE" JIMMY:  So much conflict, so much agression, protests, riots, accusations, people with bloody faces on the evening news ... are we talking about the civil war in Syria?

BLIND DOG OZZY:  No, the 2016 Presidential Election!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  We started out with a diverse bunch:  Men; women; minorities; non-politicians; relatives of former presidents; TV celebrities ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  The Usual Suspects! 

"BLUE"  JIMMY:  I've written about the subject of the false nature of U.S. Presidential Elections in the past (see my blog "Making You Feel Important:  The 2012 Presidential Election") and have been very critical of all the candidates.  What sparked this blog was seeing thousands of people clashing outside of Republican front-runner Donald Trump's speaking appearances across the country.  I see so much passion from supporters and protesters.  Supporters believe that he will somehow "turn this country around" and make it great again while protesters believe that if they hold up signs and shout slogans, they can save this country from the embarrassment of having Trump as the Leader Of The Free World.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Yeah, none of that is gonna happen.

"BLUE" JIMMY:  We have five candidates left, three Republican and two Democrat, and I could have narrowed it down to those five two years ago.  John Kasich can never win because he's a middle-of-the-road politician from a Midwestern state with all the charisma and leadership abilities of a middle school principal.  Bernie Sanders can never win because he's less U.S. President and more loud, annoying, irritable old guy who does your taxes every year.  Ted Cruz can never win because a Latino will never be elected President unless George Lopez decides to run for office.  Donald Trump, despite his popularity, can never win because well, he's Donald Trump and if Presidents were elected according to sheer popularity polls, Kim Kardashian could be our next President.  People who think Trump can win don't understand the complexities of the electoral process which to tell you the truth, I don't even fully understand.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Don't look at me!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  My deep and sinister journalistic sources informed me long ago that Hillary Clinton will be "placed" as the next President Of  The United States Of America due to her significant family and political ties and the strategic importance of her being the first woman President.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  There you have it!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Mind you, I don't support Clinton or any of the other candidates, I just know what the score is.  I've made it a reoccuring theme in my political writings that the American People should quit looking for a Messiah Candidate who will "make America great again."  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  F**k the candidates!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  There are more than 300 million people in this country and there's only one President.  We should determine the quality of our lives and not some figurehead.  America does not need to be made great again ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  ... America has always been great!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016




"A child born today will have no conception of privacy at all. They'll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves an unrecorded, unanalyzed thought.  And that's a problem because privacy matters; privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be." -- Edward Snowden

"BLUE" JIMMY:  I rarely do DVD reviews, but I found an exception in the documentary, "CitizenFour" first aired on HBO in 2014  and then released on DVD last year, about the Edward Snowden case and subsequent, worldwide explosion on right-to-privacy issues.  I had followed the Edward Snowden case with some interest ... 


"BLUE" JIMMY:  ... Some investigative journalist curiosity ...


"BLUE" JIMMY:  ... Ok, "motivated fascination" ... 


"BLUE" JIMMY:  This is the story millions of journalists of my generation anticipated for decades!  If you were a journalism student  like me in the 70's and 80's, you were no doubt, inspired -- scratch that -- moved to action, by the 1976 film, "All The President's Men" starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman which was based on the non-fiction book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.  The book, written by these two Washington Post reporters, blows the lid off the complex web of lies, deceit, corruption and criminal acts committed mostly during the Nixon Administration which culminated in the burglary of Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.  Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein (jointly referred to as "WoodStein" by their editor-in-chief), conducted an investigation which was much more like a police investigation than one typically done by a newspaper.  Putting their weiners on the chopping block and relying on mostly anonymous sources (something taboo in journalism), they got the scoop on The Story Of The Century and became legendary in the field of investigative journalism.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  And probably got laid on a regular basis!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  When the Edward Snowden case came to light, I was thrown back many decades and was envious of the journalists involved in this case.  Basically, the documentary "Citizen Four" shows how documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald of the British newspaper The Guardian were sucked into this case by a stranger on the internet who sent them encrypted emails under the screen name "Citizen Four" and gave them information on grossly illegal surveillance practices by the National Security Agency and other government offices all done ostensibly, to fight the War On Terror.  In the documentary, Poitras and Greenwald travel to Hong Kong where "Citizen Four" is hiding out in a hotel room.  "Citizen Four" reveals himself to be American citizen, former CIA employee and NSA contractor, Edward Snowden.  Unlike NSA whistleblower William Binney, who resigned from the NSA in 2001 and alleged unconstitutional violations of privacy by his former employers, Mr. Snowden brought the goods.  He provided thousands and thousands of stolen documents that showed that the NSA and other agencies have illegally collected massive amounts of digital data on American and foreign citizens and even friendly, foreign government officials.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Oh, B**ch!!!  As if America didn't have enough enemies already!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Although missing all the car chases and explosions and Kung Fu fighting, the documentary has the feel of a spy movie.  And Snowden, looking pale and nerdy and living off of room service, looks less James Bond and more "Big Bang Theory."  But patient, determined, meticulous and displaying a big set o' brass cannon balls, he starts spewing out information that he knows will ruin his comfortable life and change the course of history.


"BLUE" JIMMY:  With his permission, his identity is revealed to The World, his information gets published and the media blitz is on.  Reporters start making phone calls to his room, he changes rooms as an evasion tactic but realizes that the U.S. government will soon ask that he be extradited to face criminal charges.  It becomes obvious to Snowden that he will have to leave Hong Kong and with the help of various human rights crusaders and even Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, he heads for South America but becomes stranded in Russia.  Those involved in his case are either harassed, followed or feel threatened and have to sever direct contact with him.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  They felt they might get "taken out!"

"BLUE" JIMMY:  That's what adds an element of suspense to the documentary.  Despite the sensitive and classified nature of the information being handled here,  there is a rush to get it the f**k out!  Snowden and the journalists he's chosen to share this information with, are the hub of this information which can be conveniently made to "disappear" by sinister government authorities if this story is not published on a wide scale and given to the public.  Once the information is published, most of the threat to their lives is removed.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  You can't put the genie back in the bottle!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  In the aftermath, Snowden is stuck in Russia, not because he is a Russian spy as some have alleged, but because his passport has been revoked and he cannot travel to South America where he had originally planned to ask for asylum.  Eventually, he was granted a three-year stay in Russia and has applied for political asylum in countless countries but they have all bowed to the pressure of the Obama administration's "requests" that they not grant him asylum.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Even countries that were outraged over the NSA spying such as Germany, have acted like total pussies and refused asylum for Snowden on technical grounds!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Ultimately, Snowden is better off for now, in Russia.  Being a former CIA employee, he has pointed out that the CIA has a strong presence in South America and he could easily be snatched off the street and taken back to the U.S. to face charges.  The U. S. government can't lean on the Russians the way it does with everyone else.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  I never thought in my lifetime, I would see Russia aiding and abetting a champion of right-to-privacy and free speech while the United States persecuted that same person ... WTF!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  President Obama maintains that Snowden is a criminal and that before Snowden's revelations came about, he ordered an investigation of NSA practices.  Yet, the Obama administration revealed nothing about NSA spying and violations of The Constitution. Every discussion of the Snowden case by the U. S. government revolves around the legal aspects of his copying of classified documents and completely ignores the fact that he caught the government in the act of creating an Orwellian, "Big Brother" society.  This is a much bigger deal than many people think.  Many think that a society like this is inevitable and that we should just bow down and accept it.  Snowden unexpectedly, threw a big monkey wrench into the "1984" machinery and may have bought us years of time to "Kick Out The Jams Motherf**ker!" as the rock band The MC5,  so directly put it.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  So why should anyone see this documentary?

"BLUE" JIMMY:  The FBI, CIA, NSA, the DOD and many other acronyms claim that we as citizens, have the luxury of not seeing all the dirty deeds that they do to keep us a free society.  "Citizen Four" shows an American Citizen in real time, committing one of these dirty deeds to do exactly the same thing and not once did he ever deny it.  As Henry David Thoreau said in an essay on civil disobedience, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation ... "  "Citizen Four" shows a man refusing to lead a life of quiet desperation and in step by step fashion, we see a man ruining his life to preserve the freedom of  others.  You're a goddamned, thieving criminal Mr. Snowden! ... So why don't I hate you?

BLIND DOG OZZY:  I can't ...

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!


Thursday, December 17, 2015




"BLUE" JIMMY:  The War On Terrorism failed the moment it began.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  First of all, terrorism isn't a person, place or thing that you can drop bombs on and eliminate!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  The American legal system, various governments around the world and even the United Nations have not been able to come up with a single, legally binding definition of terrorism.  In a very general, oversimplified way, you could say that terrorism is violence perpetrated by a group of people (although sometimes individuals) against noncombatants designed to have far-reaching effects that go beyond the actual act of terror.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Look at the s**t storm of wide-sweeping measures taken by the U.S. government after Sept. 11, 2001 -- try walking through airport security with your pants on!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  In light of those attacks and some more recent ones that made the headlines, there has been much anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S.  This has resulted in hate crimes against Muslims and Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, who is no stranger to brain-dead public comments, expressing a desire to ban non-citizen Muslims from entering the country.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  How about pseudo-politicians below a certain I.Q. from entering the country!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  What would surprise many people however, is to know that most terrorist acts in the U.S. for about the last 30 years, were not carried out by Muslims of any kind.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Dun, Dun, Dun!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  That ain't my opinion, people!  According to an annual report by the FBI entitled, "Terrorism In The United States" ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Catchy title! ...

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Most terrorism in the U.S. is committed by non-Muslim f**kwads, many who have originated within the U.S.  This list includes:  Ejercito Popular Boricua Macheteros (a Puerto Rican separatist group); Left Wing and Right Wing extemist groups; Neo Nazi skinheads; anti-abortion activists; environmental activists; animal rights crusaders and Jewish extremist organizations such as the Jewish Defense League.  

BLIND DOG OZZY:  According to the FBI stats, more terrorism is done in the U.S. by Jewish extremist groups than any Muslim terrorists!  Is anyone calling for a ban on Jews entering the country?

"BLUE" JIMMY:  The big, annoying, loudmouth bitch of a point we're trying to make is that terrorism is a tactic, used by desperate people with nothing to lose, who cling to the philosophy that blowing up a classroom full of children is justified if it brings about a greater good and advances their cause.

BLIND DOG OZZY:  How do you handcuff and imprison that?

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Terrorism is not something you can defeat with military force and bomb out of existence.  The U.S. has meddled in the affairs of too many countries and now the chickens have come home to roost.  I had a neighbor on my street who liked to get s**tfaced, gossip, snitch and get into everybody's business.  Yet he wanted everybody to "get off my goddamned lawn and leave me the hell alone!"

BLIND DOG OZZY:  Yeah, things don't work that way!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  There's never a good excuse for terrorism, but when it rears its ugly head in your country you can't just rattle your saber and send in the cavalry and single out certain people.  You got to get to the root causes -- and that takes a quiet mouth, a strong mind and much effort ...

BLIND DOG OZZY:  ... Concepts that baffle politicians!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!