Tuesday, November 13, 2012




"BLUE" JIMMY:  The 2012 Presidential Election has come and gone and Barack Obama remains President of The United States of America for another term.  It all seems like such a big show for nothing; or maybe just to make Americans feel important for another four years.  Personally, I don't believe that American voters actually get to elect the person with the most powerful office on the planet.

BD OZZY:  The Presidential Election is always fertile ground for conspiracy theories.  Some say the office of President is determined by the Bilderberg Group or The Freemasons or The Jesuits or even a network of satanic cults!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  And you only got to go back several years to the 2000 Presidential Election to know that something ain't quite right with Presidential elections.  George W Bush was "awarded" the office of President even though he did not win the popular vote and there was a discrepancy with the vote count in the state of Florida.

BD OZZY:  I should run for President!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  That brings up a good point.  The democratic voting process in this country was designed so that anyone who met the qualifications could be elected to the office of President whether it was the local school teacher or the guy who ran the corner store or any trusted person in the community.

BD OZZY:  Now people go to a university, study political science and when they graduate, they  make a career out of politics.  And now we have a two party political system where any candidate from an alternate political party runs only symbolically or as a novelty (in 1968 a pig named Pigasus was endorsed by the Yippie movement).

"BLUE" JIMMY:  When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, he made history by being the first black man to be elected as President.  If Mitt Romney had been elected this year, he would have made history as the first Mormon to be elected President.  I'll Tell you what should make history -- if someone other than a Democrat or Republican were to get elected President.

BD OZZY:  Tun Tun Tun! 

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Suffice it to say that the office of President of the United 
States of America is determined by extremely wealthy, powerful people for whom the President is merely a figurehead.  They would never allow the President to be elected by a public that can have its vote so easily swayed by tabloid newspapers, "reality"
TV shows or internet ramblings like the one you're reading now.

BD OZZY:  And we haven't even got to the subject of the manipulation of electronic voting machines yet.

"BLUE" JIMMY:  That's a whole 'nother article!

BD OZZY:  Oh, S**t!  check out my beautiful American Flag photo -- I took it!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Sake's Alive!

BD OZZY:  Wow!  Wow!