Wednesday, April 30, 2014




"BLUE" JIMMY:  OOOOOOHHHH!!!  Someone done blew it.  A rich, white man gets spanked big time and folks of color are celebrating like Rev. King just gave his "I Have A Dream" speech.  The National Basketball Association on Tuesday, handed down its harshest penalty by placing a  ban on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and basically cutting all ties to the team he owns.

BD OZZY:  Damn!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  The ban is due to the fact that he made some extremely ignorant and racist remarks in an argument with his girlfriend where he berates her for associating with black folks such as basketball legend Magic Johnson and then "broadcasting" it to the world on social media.  

BD OZZY:  He then goes on to demonstrate an ole time mentality straight outta  "Huckleberry Finn" where he sounds like a plantation owner trying to rationalize his ownership of slaves.

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Dude!  There's no doubt that his remarks were shameful and worthy of condemnation by the NBA, but there are civil rights issues here that have nothing to do with race.  He was punished for remarks he made in a private conversation which he probably never intended for anyone else to hear and expressed opinions which are unpopular but nevertheless,  not illegal.  I can't believe I just wrote that.  The concept of an illegal opinion is something you would only think of when referring to totalitarian governments such as the former USSR, Communist China or science fiction novels such as Phillip K. Dick's 1956 book "The Minority Report" where people are arrested for crimes they are thinking about committing.  In college, I remember talking with people who had escaped from fascist regimes in countries where their phone conversations were tapped and they were imprisoned for remarks they made critical of the government.  At the time I remember thinking, "that could never happen here!"


"BLUE" JIMMY:  The NBA should have given its most stringent, bad boy scolding to Sterling and let him live in shame for the rest of his life but to strip a man of his property for politically incorrect opinions is pretty ... what's the word?

BD OZZY:  Orwellian!

"BLUE" JIMMY:  Thank You!  How many of us have said things in private which would get us in deep s**t if they were made public?  Due to smart phones, tablets and miniature audio and video recording devices, our private spaces are constantly shrinking.  How many times have you thought you were having a quiet, private moment only to look up and see that sinister, black plastic surveillance bubble staring you in the face.  Some people are calling for these cameras to be put in public toilets to prevent crime.  At the moment of this writing,  the Supreme Court is deciding whether police officers have the right to go through and download the contents of your cell phone when making a routine stopIn 1949, the author George Orwell wrote about these invasions of your privacy in his book, "1984."  At the time, people thought the book was far-fetched and that he was crazy ... was he?

BD OZZY:  Dun Dun Dun!!!

"BLUE" JIMMY: Sake's Alive!

BD OZZY:  Wow!  Wow!

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